Regular Posts

Here’s a list of our regular posts…

Weekend in Review (Monday) :  We’ll share some pictures and talk about events and beer from the weekend.

Weekend Preview (Friday) :  What’s going on in the Burgh Beer world in the coming weekend? Where’ s the beer?  Where are you going to find TDY?

Brewery and Brewpub Visits (Every other week) – Read about our favorite tours and taprooms all over the U.S..  Check back to see where we are going next or where we’ve been!

Inclined to Brew : Homebrewing (Every other week) : See what we are brewing or see our take on certain aspects of homebrewing. 

Beers Around Town : We will spotlight some special draft offerings at our favorite establishments.

Local Hoplight : A feature on off-the-beaten path establishments to enjoy a good selection of craft beer.

Hop of the Month  (Once a Month  – 15th ) : We will profile a different hop varietal every month and talk about its history and characteristics.


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