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Of Brewfests and Big Pour, and Sunny in Philly.

Bitter Beer Face : Take the Bad with the Good

Someone asked TDY the other day, “If you’ve already tried most of the beer, why do you go to brewfests?”.  I thought that this was a pretty intriguing question.  Why do we love brewfests so much?  The Steel City Big Pour provided a lot of answers…  There weren’t too many beers that were new to TDY, but the atmosphere was fantastic with great food (not necessary for a good brewfest, but doesn’t hurt), art and music, and of course a great selection of brews.  Once you have been to a really great brewfest, you no longer ask that question. 

I suppose the short answer for us is three-fold.  Brewfests provide the opportunity to try many different beers in succession and thus comparisons are much easier.  The second reason is the ability to drink some rare offerings like East End’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Strap Stout or New Holland’s Imperial Mad Hatter.  Finally, we get to meet and hangout with the brewers and lots of like-minded beer lovers.  There’s really nothing like a great beer festival and the Steel City Big Pour does not disappoint.

Tonight is the season premiere of Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  TDY can safely say that Always Sunny is the best export to come out of Philadelphia.  In honor of the premiere, we will be putting a few Burgh beers up against Philly brews.  Look for our future post on the Always Sunny premiere.  If you enjoy fantasy football, The League is a great comedy which will be playing after Always Sunny.  Stay tuned…this one is definitely worth it.

Finally, we had a chance to meet with Tim of Craft Pittsburgh at the Big Pour last weekend.  He is starting a quarterly craft beer publication to keep Pittsburghers abreast of the city’s beer news and events.  TDY is on board as a contributor so look for this publication in your favorite watering hole in the coming months.


Wooo A Kegerator is Born!

Over the next couple months we will be turning a full size fridge into a 4 tap kegerator.  Don’t worry we will keep you on top of the situation.  Thanks to CL for making the purchase a possibility and now reality.  Last night during the storm Mark and I moved the fridge into the house.  And of course it couldn’t be simple.

8:43pm We show up to view the fridge.

8:48pm Realize the fridge is perfect and start taking doors off hinges to get it out of the basement.

9pm  Fridge is loaded into the back of the truck.  First flash of lighting is spotted.  Also, low fuel light comes on in truck.

9:10pm  Stop to get gas.  Mark checks iphone for weather…….big red spot approaching downtown.

9:19pm  First sprinkles of rain appear when we are about 3mins from house.

9:23pm  Park truck and start to get fridge out of the bed.  It starts to pour!  Did I mention the lighting yet?

9:30pm  With the use of headlamps, plywood (that will evenly be used for a cornhole set) and a little muscle we get the 24″ wide fridge past the 24.1″ gap between the house and the neighboor’s cinder block retaining wall.

9:40pm  Using the plywood we push the fridge up over the basement threshold and into place in the basement.

9:41pm  Rain stops…………

So if you have experience with kegerator construction and maybe fridge painting drop us an email.

5 Ways a Pittsburgher Can Survive a Bear Attack

With our up coming trip to Glacier we have been reading a lot about bears.  We have also been spending lots of time in Allison Park, Blawnox and Brookline looking for bears to practice our new found survival skills. 


 In no way does TDY endorse the below survival tips.  If you live in Allison Park, Blawnox or Brookline you should probably consult an expert on how to handle bears in the wild.

Ok now that you have all been lawyered let’s get to the list.

1.  Be sure to always carry your Sophie Masloff mask with you while hiking.  Bears are afraid of Sophie.  If for whatever reason the bear is not deterred by the mask do you best Sophie Masloff impression.  Her voice is a sure deterrent of bears.

2.  Bears love chipped ham, because chipping makes it hammier and tastier.  If a bear charges throw your chipped ham sandmich at the bear.  The bear will then stop and eat the sandmich, giving you plenty of time to get out of danger. 

3.  Never go hiking in bear country without Jack Lambert.  Bears are NO match for this man, need I say more?  I think not.

4.   Bears make up a large part of the Donnie Iris fan base.  All bears can’t help but dance to any Donnie Iris song.  “The Rapper” is one of the bears’ favorite. 

5.  Give the bear water from the Monongahela River.  Who knows what exactly is in the Monongahela! 

The History of Beer Ends in Scotland

Pop quiz: The video below contains which of the following:

A. Wurst-wielding Germans

B. Beer-stuffed rodents

C. 55% alcohol beer

Answer: D: All of the above.

Somehow this would only make sense coming from Scotland. Check it out.

Soccer and Beer

Like most sports, beer goes extremely well with soccer.  I’m slightly biased because I really enjoy both.  Even if you aren’t the biggest soccer fan use this opportunity, of the World Cup, to explore beers from far away places.  There is a fun article on ESPN’s Page 2.  Here is the link to the beers from Group B & C,  Can you guess what beer they picked to represent the USA?  Noooo it’s not Iron City, but it is brewed in PA at America’s oldest brewery.  The games have been on kinda early, but it’s past noon in South Africa so I think it’s ok to sample a few.  I decided to pick my own beers for tomorrow’s games.  Remember I didn’t do all my homework for this post.  If you happen to find a bottle of any beer below PLEASE PLEASE let us know.  I plan to do a little bottle shopping tomorrow.

Game 1: New Zealand  vs Slovakia

New Zealand is a land that exports 80% of its hop crops.  Mac’s Sassy Red was a “New World Best Bitter”.  Mac’s was the first microbrewery in the country to break up the two big macrobreweries.  Slovakia will put Topvar Svetle on the field.  Topvar is another brewery SABMiller bought up!  Svetle is a lager with a fruity aroma and rumored to have 11.5% alc by vol.  Advantage: New Zealand

Game 2: Ivory Coast  vs Portugal

Neither one of the countries are very well know for their beer.  Better yet I’m 99.9% sure we will never find a beer from either country in the states, let alone western PA.  If you have had a beer or know where to get beer in the local area from these countries let me know.  Advantage: Push

Game 3: Brazil  vs N. Korea

Well it’s funny I am unable to obtain any information on North Korea through the internet.  So instead I will use my grandparent’s circa 1950 encyclopedia’s to unearth some North Korean beers.  North Korean will put Beer 12 fl. oz. on the pitch.  I’ve never had it but looks interesting.  Eisenbahn’s Vigorosa (Weizenbock) from Brazil isn’t close to Pele but it received great reviews.  It is a south German style dark wheat beer with 8% alc, roasted and chocolate malt tones along with the typical German yeast that brings a banana clove taste to the forefront.  I hear it goes well with duck, beef goulash and trout.  Advantage: Brazil