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Steel City Big Pour Ticket – Evening Session

TDY has an extra ticket to the evening session that we can’t use. Email Mark if you’d like to buy it. He’ll even autograph it for you.

Mark.Wanczak at Gmail dot com


New Belgium Announces Seasonal Beer with Seasonal Ad

To celebrate the release of their fall seasonal Hoptober, New Belgium evokes images from our favorite time of year in a soon-appearing print ad. You had us at “campfire.”

Hopefully we can track down a bottle and give those five hops and four malts a taste.

New Belgium Brewing Hoptober Ad

TDY Road Trip: Glacier National Park

spokane breweries, kalispell breweries

Listen up yinz, TDY will be driving from Spokane, WA to Kalispell, MT next weekend and we need your recommendations on which breweries to check out along the way. We’ll be short on time so we need the best of the best.

Leave a comment and let us know what brews we just can’t pass up.

The History of Beer Ends in Scotland

Pop quiz: The video below contains which of the following:

A. Wurst-wielding Germans

B. Beer-stuffed rodents

C. 55% alcohol beer

Answer: D: All of the above.

Somehow this would only make sense coming from Scotland. Check it out.

Weekend Preview: 6/11

First and most importantly, The World Cup begins today. As soccer players and fans, The Drunk Yinzer is incredibly excited for the next month. Be sure to catch the USA vs. England game Saturday at 2:30pm.

Secondly, The Drunk Yinzer will be short-handed this weekend as Tim “The Palette” will be in Michigan for a wedding but will still be fulfilling his duties by visiting Arcadia, Bell’s (Kalamazoo), and Founder’s (Grand Rapids) breweries in Michigan. Quite the trip, look for his brewery reviews in the coming weeks.


Don’t call yourself a Pittsburgher until you’ve seen Joe Grushecky live. Grab an Iron while you’re at it. Altar Bar. 9pm.


England vs. USA 2:30pm

Good luck getting a seat at Piper’s Pub or Harp and Fiddle for the game. There will be big screens at Schenley Park showing the game. We also recommend befriending someone with a nice TV and bringing over a six-pack of Stoudt’s American Pale prominently featuring the American Flag on the front.

New Holland Brewery’s Mad Hatter Bar Crawl – South Side – 4pm-6pm

After the game, celebrate with your countrymen on Carson Street and enjoy some excellent offerings from New Holland. For specific bars and beers go here.

Rock the Streets: Summer Jam 2010

Great cause, great music and a great looking, informative website.

Three Rivers Arts Festival: final weekend

We’re particularly excited for local bands The Harlan Twins and Lohio, both performing Saturday night at 7pm on the main stage.

Did we miss any notable beer-related events? Let us know in the comments. Check our Flickr and Twitter throughout the weekend for updates on what we’re drinking.

The Legend of The Craft Beer Bandit

Is he anywhere or is he everywhere? Is he one or is he many?