The Drunk Yinzer is a grassroots movement for the enhanced enjoyment of beer for Pittsburghers.  Jake and Tim have been avid homebrewers for about 4 years and will share their experiences over the blog.  We hope to educate about beer as well as provide some news about what is going on in the Pittsburgh Beer Scene.

Meet The Drunk Yinzers

Tim  (tpbrews)   aka “The Palette”  –  I’ve always loved beer and my tastes have definitely grown over the years.  Jake got me hooked on homebrewing about 4 years ago and I’ved been obsessed ever since.  With a background in chemical engineering, this is a great hobby for me! 

I’ve been lucky to visit some great breweries and live in some great beer areas like Chicago and Belgium.  Last summer, I took a two month road trip across the west to visit breweries all over.  I’m new to the Pittsburgh area and acclimating to the local beer scene.  Jake firmly believes in my ability to pick out hop varietals and malt bills hence …. “The Palette”


Jake (anat brewer)  –  Where do I start?  Well my dad introduced me to the brewing process at an early age.  I remember stirring the wort when I was very young.  I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and have always dreamed of opening a microbrewery in the burgh.  The last few years I lived in Portland, Oregon.  Portland has the most brew pubs per capita in the world; what a great place to grow as a homebrewer and beer drinker.  I’m excited to be back in Pittsburgh; homebrewing and drinking all the great beer here.

 MarkI’m the guy who helps to bring Jake and Tim’s love of homebrewing and beer to the rest of the world. Just as my blogging experience is beggining to rub off on Jake and Tim, so is their infatuation with all things beer on me. I tag along, pitch in my opinion when asked and try to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.



3 responses to “About

  1. Mark, that is one beautiful Hoh behind you!

  2. Great job on the blog guys! Very cool. You did learn something productive in college, after all. 🙂

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