Last Call

Have you ever listened to the lyrics of “Last Call” by The Clarks?  If you drink in Pittsburgh check it out.  Tonight TDY took it easy.  After a wonderful dinner at The 17th Street Cafe we stopped at Piper’s.  The first round was Voodoo More Cowbell Imperial Stout, Founder’s Breakfast Stout and Smuttynose Porter.  I am so fired up to see Voodoo on tap in Pittsburgh.  Round two was Anchor Hummer Ale, Full Pint Brown and Troegs Hopback.  This was about the time the Pirates did something to win…..or so I think the Pirates won.  The scene on TV looked like they just won the World Series, haha.  Gotta love the bar staff at Piper’s.  Great excitement about beer, wicked friendly and very, very knowledgeable about the beer they serve.

After Piper’s it was time for half priced food/drinks.  Rogue Shakespeare Stout, Michigan Pumpkin and Treoges Porter were spread around the table.  What great beer to go with the magic pretzel and chicken tenders.

PS….Voodoo Oatmeal Stout and Michigan Pumpkin were the best of the night.


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