Of Brewfests and Big Pour, and Sunny in Philly.

Bitter Beer Face : Take the Bad with the Good

Someone asked TDY the other day, “If you’ve already tried most of the beer, why do you go to brewfests?”.  I thought that this was a pretty intriguing question.  Why do we love brewfests so much?  The Steel City Big Pour provided a lot of answers…  There weren’t too many beers that were new to TDY, but the atmosphere was fantastic with great food (not necessary for a good brewfest, but doesn’t hurt), art and music, and of course a great selection of brews.  Once you have been to a really great brewfest, you no longer ask that question. 

I suppose the short answer for us is three-fold.  Brewfests provide the opportunity to try many different beers in succession and thus comparisons are much easier.  The second reason is the ability to drink some rare offerings like East End’s Bourbon Barrel Aged Black Strap Stout or New Holland’s Imperial Mad Hatter.  Finally, we get to meet and hangout with the brewers and lots of like-minded beer lovers.  There’s really nothing like a great beer festival and the Steel City Big Pour does not disappoint.

Tonight is the season premiere of Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  TDY can safely say that Always Sunny is the best export to come out of Philadelphia.  In honor of the premiere, we will be putting a few Burgh beers up against Philly brews.  Look for our future post on the Always Sunny premiere.  If you enjoy fantasy football, The League is a great comedy which will be playing after Always Sunny.  Stay tuned…this one is definitely worth it.

Finally, we had a chance to meet with Tim of Craft Pittsburgh at the Big Pour last weekend.  He is starting a quarterly craft beer publication to keep Pittsburghers abreast of the city’s beer news and events.  TDY is on board as a contributor so look for this publication in your favorite watering hole in the coming months.


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