Great Lakes Brewing

This past weekend a great friend of ours got married in Cleveland.  This was a the perfect excuse to visit Great Lakes Brewing between wedding activities.  This brewery is reason enough to make the trip up to the Mistake on the Lake. 

The brewery was in a cool up and coming neighborhood.  After finding street parking we walked around what we thought was the building for the brew pub.  The parking attendant was nice enough to point out that we were walking around the brewery and the brew pub was across the street. 


In the square across from the brew pub, a Saturday art market was taking place.  I didn’t walk around the market because it was way tooo hot and the beer was calling.  The brew pub looks like it used to be huge old house.  They have outside seating which looked very relaxing and was packed.  Inside there are two floors of seating.  The bar downstairs looks like it was straight out of pre-prohibition brewery.  Display cases throughout the brew pub housed classic beer stuff.  They even had a can of a Pittsburgh Brewing product; Old Frothingslosh

On to the food and beer now!  The tap list seemed a little short for a brewery.  They had 8 beers on tap and they all seemed to be the classic Great Lakes’.  We were a little bummed out they didn’t have Lake Erie Monster on tap (it’s ok we had it at Smokin’ Joes in the Southside last night, another reason Pgh is better then C-land.)  In general everyone really enjoyed their food and beer.  Our table had a wide variety of food and beer.  The sausage sampler was excellent.  The horseradish mustard is wicked strong!!  If you need to clear your sinuses have some of that stuff!  The Eliot Ness  went well with the sausage sample, I also hear the Edmund Fitzgerald Porter and Commodore PerryIPA were a nice pairing as well.

Lunch hit the spot.  I had the brats with pierogies.  The pierogies were homemade and the brats might have been too.  The food tasted excellent.  The Eliot Ness was a nice light pairing with the meal.  It lightened up the spicy horseradish mustard.  I was nervous to pair it with the IPA, because of the spicy mustard.  It was a huge surprise to find the IPA matched up really well with this plate.  The IPA didn’t add spice to the mustard it was able to cut through and let the hops hit the tongue.  What else could you ask for; beer, hops and pierogies.

All in all the group had a great time.  A lot of Eliot Ness, Commodore Perry and Dortmunder Gold went around the table.  Good food, good beer and great company.  The atmosphere in the pub allowed us to relax and be a little loud, ok a lot loud.  The visit to the brewery and the wedding came to an end, and it was time to make like LeBron James and get the f@#* out of Cleveland.


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  1. Hey that’s a nice little pic of the beer, food and what appears to be bedroom furniture.

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