TDY Reading Corner

Brew Like a Monk by Stan Hieronymus


This book was a great read!  The author is on search to answer several questions about Belgian style beers.  Part I of the book follows the author from brewery to brewery in Belgium.  Here he examines the history of Belgian brewing and the Trappists.  He meets a lot of interesting monks, brewers and authors throughout his travels that help him answer his questions.  Like Brother Antoine and Brewing Engineer Gumer Santos of Rochefort.  The Trappist Breweries of Achel, Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle and Westvleteren are highlighted in his travels. 

Part II of the book begins with visits to American breweries that produce Belgian-inspired beers.  The author does a nice job of comparing the brewing process and ingredients by both Belgian and American brewers, which particular attention to yeast and fermentation.

A few recipes are included at varies sections of the book.  The author takes a nice approach to giving the reader all the information without imposing one absolutely correct way on how to brew Belgian beers.  I would definitely recommend this read to anyone who is interested in learning more about Belgian beers and the history surrounding the Trappists.  The travels in Part I really make you want to travel from monastery to monastery to sample the all the brews.


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