Breckenridge Tap House (Denver, CO)

Last Visit : July 18, 2009

Breckenridge’s brewery is of course in the ski resort town of Breckinridge, CO, but to cater to the beer drinking public they have opened a pub/restaurant in Denver.  This location is just down the street from Coors Field and the Sandlot brewery.  This looks and feels like a typical brewpub .  We had the place to ourselves at 11 AM on a Saturday morning, but struck up some good conversation with the bartender and some local patrons.  Breckenridge tends to brew some pretty unconventional beers so I recommend starting with a sampler and trying a few of the brews that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Sarah enjoying a stout at Breckenridge

At the urging of a local patron, I tried a pint of the 471 IPA.  I was assured that this was one of the best IPAs that he had ever had.  It was pretty good but lacked the essential hop character to make one of the truly great IPAs.  I have a hard time trying to explain to people the sensation that I get from an IPA.  The hop character should hit me in the back lower part of my jaw but still needs to maintain some subtleness.  There are really only a select few that can accomplish this effect.  I also had a pint of their summer ale and while good fell somewhat  short of my expectations.  Another good session beer but lacks some of the uniqueness of O’Dell’s St. Lupulin Ale.

An Impressive Collection of Vintage Beer Cans

***Brewery Visits are a biweekly post about our favorite tours and taprooms all over the U.S..  Check back to see where we are going next!


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