Fort Collins Brewery (Fort Collins, CO)

Last Visit: June 17, 2009

No tours here but there is a small taproom with a knowledgeable staff.  You will need to get some samplers at this place because the beers here are so edgy and out there. The Fort Collins Brewers love to experiment.  The pomegranate wheat beer was interesting if a little sweet for my taste (Sarah was  a big fan!).  They make a very good Rauchbier which is a traditional German style smoked beer.  The smoked beer gets its flavor from drying the malt over an open flame.  It’s definitely a unique flavor profile, and it’s a style that is not in vogue in the United States. 

I got a half pint of “The Fix” which the brewers describe as a “dry-hopped double IPA”.  I may be a bit old school in my definition of IPAs, in that I don’t like to have much malt character.   I also expect a Double IPA to be bursting with hop flavors but there really wasn’t much to it.  It had a decent head and some interesting malt characters but wasn’t quite what I would look for in a double IPA.  Make the trip to the Fort Collins Brewing Co.  to try some styles and infusions that you won’t find at many other breweries.

***Brewery Visits are a biweekly post about our favorite tours and taprooms all over the U.S..  Check back to see where we are going next!


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