O’Dell Brewing Co. (Fort Collins, CO)


Last Visit: June 17, 2009

No tour here but there is a pretty nice size taproomwith a large deck on the front.  Sarah and I spent an enjoyable hour around noon tasting some beer and enjoying the beautiful Colorado summer.  O’Dell brews a large variety of beers and  many are accurate style examples, but lacked some originality.  The samplers are shown in the picture. 

I tried a full pint of the St. Lupulin Summer Ale which was  quite good. This is a nice lower alcohol alternative to an IPA that is a great brew for summer sessions.   The St. Lupulin pours with a good head that sticks around and an aroma that hits you with a lot of Cascade  hops and also some piney aroma most likely coming from an Amarillo/Chinook type hop variety.  Amarillo/Chinook hops tend to be very bitter but often leave a slightly harsh piney flavor lending a slightly bitter aftertaste to a very clean and crisp beer.  Definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in the Fort Collins area.


***Brewery Visits are a biweekly post about our favorite tours and taprooms all over the U.S..  Check back to see where we are going next!


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