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North Coast Brewing Co. (Ft. Bragg, CA)


Last Visit: July 1, 2009

North Coast, famous for Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout and Brother Thelonious Abbey Ale, is set in the beautiful seaside town of Ft. Bragg, CA.  I visited North Coast last July when they were in the midst of some major expansion and remodeling projects.  Unfortunately, these projects precluded any brewery tours.   They do have an excellent merchandise store where I purchased a bottle of oak aged Rasputin XI.  This is truly a signature brew that takes the complex roasted and deep chocolate  flavors of the normal Old Rasputin and adds a good deal of body. 

North Coast Tap Room

 The tap room and grill and is located across the road from the main brewery.  I stopped in for lunch and a beer in the bar.  The menu has some interesting takes on typical pub fare with a dash of local flavor and each selection has a selected North Coast brew to pair with your meal.  I had a delicious bleu cheese and peppercorn burger with an Old Rasputin.  Old Rasputin is 9% ABV and pours with an amazing head from the tap.  The aroma tantalizes the taste buds with early chocolate notes and a lingering hint of roasted barley.  The taste starts sweet and ends malty with the roasted notes and a rich chocolate dominated aftertaste.  At 9% ABV, I’m always surprised that the chocolate and roasted flavors are able to hide all that alcohol.  I hope to return multiple times and take the brewery tour eventually.  North Coast is worth the trip to Ft. Bragg alone.  Good Food, Great Beer!

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